width=70%Fischer Hellas started in 1995 aiming to distribute the products of Fischer Ski Tennis, a traditional but in the same time technologically pioneering company in the field of constructing alpine skis.

The company's technological patents include:
  • the Vacuum, skis production under vacuum conditions, in order to provide a maximum potential of homogenized welding of the materials
  • Protec technology, this is the production of skis with a unique hull, which is connected to an elastic material. This offers maximum rigidity, but in the same time elastic reaction.
  • Plasma Edge, is a special procedure, which offers the edge of the ski 50% more resistance.
In 1995 the company proceeded to a pioneering ski form, by increasing intensely the b-concave construction of skis. Thus, it created the revolution series, the first generation of the so-called carve skis. The target of these skis was the dream of every skier: safe, fast turns, with the maximum movement economy and the least possible slope-sliding.

width=70%The response by the public was immediate, creating a real revolution, which changed the form of modern skiing, from the frozen pistes of the world ski championships to the soft and well-prepared pistes of the ski centers. This revolution brought the smile back to al skiers's faces. .

Next came the well expected outbreak of ideas and production for every taste and every category: race carves, educational carves, fun-carves, carves for skiing under special conditions. In two words, whatever you ask for, you can have. The right selection of a pair of skis became the task of specialists, but at the same time an unbelievably amusing procedure. For the first time in 100 years of organized presence of Alpine ski, the ski finds at last the use it deserves.

Finally, I'd lke to give the following advice: question, try, enjoy the selecting procedure of a carve pair of skis. Never has the selection of a ski been more important, but at the same time, more entertaining.

Selling spots:
  • Fischer Shop, Arahova (18, Delfon Street).
  • Fischer Shop, Livadi Parnassou. Exhibition area, coffee, chat....
  • Fischer Shop, Livadi Parnassou. Center of second-hand skis
All selling spots belong to Fischer Hellas.

We are responsible for the quality of our products.
If you are not entirerly satisfied, we are at your disposal for a replacement.

Join the Revolution.

All Fischer models are offered for a free test.

Fischer leasing program

Every client of our company, who buys a Fisher pair of skis, enters automatically this program.
This means that if you buy a pair of skis and later you want to return it, in order to buy a new one, the price initially paid is deducted from the final price of the new procuct purchased.

More information at the Fischer Shops

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