Hiking in Pella

By Yiannis Vatandjis

Paths in the prefecture of Pella, overnight in Edessa or near Kaimaktsalan Mt (2.524 m.)

Nitse - Paterna (1.886)from Promachous3 hours
Sokol (1.827) from Ano Loutraki4 hours.
Koutsoumbei (2.448)  3 hours.
Hassanakos (1.787)  2,30 hours.
Piperitsa (1.998)from Panagitsad>2,30 hours.
Piperitsa (1.998)from Agios Athanassios3,30 hours.
Vermion Mt (2.027)
Karatassi (2.027)from Ano Grammatiko3 hours.
Karatassi (2.027)from 3-5 Pigadia2,30 hours.
Kedrona - Flamouria (forest road) 3 hours
Pinovo Mt (2.154)
From Aetochori 4,30 hours.
From Theriopetra 5,30 hours.
Tjena (2.182)
From south 3,30 hours
Paiko Mt (1.650)
From Kastaneri 2,30 hours
From Eleftherochori 3,30 hours
Posar - Aridaia Baths

Mr. Yiannis Hadjiantoniou, responsible for the Naturalists' Club of Edessa (6, Panteleimonos Str. 582 00 Edessa, tel.+fax 0381 23285) would gladly lead groups of mountaineers willing to hike these paths.

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