Waypoints of Mountains

Our visitor Andreas sent us a message, asking for the datum of the map where these waypoints were taken from, since this element is useful for use with the GPS.

We haven't mentioned the datum before, since, according to our sources, it is the default one, this is:
Geodetic datum: WGS-84 (World Geodetic System of 1984)
Coordinate system: geographic (longitude/latitude)
Units of measure: decimal degrees

Given the opportunity, though, we prepared a detailed list of waypoints for the total of Greek geographical names, with an index of abbreviations and symbols. Since the file is too large to get published, please take a look at the print-screen, and download it .pdf format. Please also download the help index.

Waypoints of Mountains

The waypoints of mountains and peaks were found by Dimitris Stathakos, who also helped us have them.

Waypoints of mountains
Waypoints of peaks

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