• Translated from Dutch by Kees Boogert.
  • Meet the Dutch traveller, Ellen Timmer, writer and photographer of this document.
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  • Earthquakes
  • Meteora
  • Milia
  • Politeia
  • Giurzia
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  • Papingo
  • Aoos Gorge

  • Hiking in the country of the wild dogs. The mountains of Pindos in central Greece (Kakarditsa - Gamila - Timfi) May 1995

    Near the Greek mountains

    Greek mountains are for me an unknown field. M. was also curious, so we decided to go to Pindos, in the center of Greece, in May. I had no computer then at home, no Internet, so I could not prepare myself through the pages of a Greek site. The site is called Oreivatein, which seems to mean "climbing in Greece". Of course, finally, I've consulted many hiking guides in the literature list. A few days before our departure we read in the newspaper that there are earthquakes in the center of Greece and that the inhabitants of whole villages live in tents. In the area of Kozani the earthquake was measured to be 6.6 of the Richter scale. This didn't stop us from going there.

    Ancient Athens

    First we flew to Athens and stayed there for a few days, wandering around. We only made one mistake: we did no look for maps of our hiking area, and we have not been able to find them in Holland either. When we arrived later in Pindos, we didn't find any as well - we've been told that we should have bought them in Athens.

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