2nd Mountain Race - Ymettus 99


On the 31/1/2000, the 2nd Mountain Race - Ymettus 2000 will start. The path is 19 km long, with an altitude difference of 350 m. The race aims to consist an environmental and athletic event, which will affect every citizen in Greece. It is the second time that such an event takes place in Greece, although such efforts are usual abroad. The organizers are the Gymnastic Athletic Club of Holargos and the Athenian Mountaineering Club, supported by the Atheltic Organisation of Holargos prefecture and the Greek Mountaineering Club of Aharnes.The Race is for athletes, men and women, members of SEGAS, veteran athletes and athletes with special capabilities.

For more information:
  • at the offices of the Athletic Organisation of Holargos prefecture, Syrou Str., 155-62 Holargos. Tel. 6514734
  • at the offices of AOS, 3, Ag. Theodoron Place, Athens, Tel. 3238775

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