Xmas cakes 1999

In the end of January the traditional "cutting of the Xmas cake" took place in the refuge of the Greek Mountaineering Club of Elefsis and also in the offices of the EOOA.

In Kitheron Mt, on a lovely Sunday, where the cold was fierce but the sun was shining, we saw the newly reconstructed refuge of Elefsis. After the celebration, we enjoyed a delicious "fasolada" (bean soup) and olives, made by the people of Elefsis and friends of the Club.

A few days later, the same event took place for the EOOA, and the General Assembly of the Organisation followed, the result of which was a new council.

The honorary presidents of the EOOA Diomidis Hadjidis and Thanassis Tzartzanos, and the skier-mountaineer Mr. Konstantinopoulos.

From left: Dim. Baitsis, Than. Avramopoulos, Panos Giakas,
Dim. Georgoulis, Nikos Nezis, Ep. Nikas, George Voutyropoulos, Th. Tsavdaridis
(current and ex members of the council).

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