Esthetic forests

From the book by Nikos Nezis Human environment

As to the Presidential Decree 996 / 71 (article 3, par. 2), as esthetic forests can be declared forests or natural environments with such a special aesthetic, hygienic and tourist significance, as to be imperative the preservation of their fauna, flora and specific natural beauty. (also see L. 1650 / 86 - For the preservation of the environment articles 19 par.4 and 31 par. .9 -10).

For the preservation, organization and improvement of the aesthetic forests, care is taken and works are in progress, conformably to the current laws for the regional zones of the National forests (see National forests which are areas of limited protection (Decree 996 - 1 article 6, par. 3-4).

Esthetic forest

Esthetic forests: 19
Total area : 331.093,5 acres

1. Phenikodasos - Vai, in Sitia - Crete Island

Presidential Decree 121 21-7-1973 (F.E.K. 170 73)
Area 50 acres
Description A unique in Greece area with palm-trees, forming a forest of a particular aesthetic and scientific significance.
Notes It has also been characterized as an area of particularly natural beauty (F.E.K. 666 /70)
2. Forestal area of Kaesariani - Attica
Foundation Presidential Decree 91 22-1-1974 (... 31 74)
Area 1,582 acres
Description Area encircling the Monastery of Kaesariani, which was reafforested with pines, cypresses and various other kinds of plants.
3. Tempi Valley, in Larissa
Foundation Presidential Decree 92 22-1-1974 (... 31 74)
Area 4,354 acres
Description Area of the valley of Penios river with impressive geomorphology and natural beauty and rich vegetation with platans, willows and other vegetal species.
Notes It has also been characterized as an area of particularly natural beauty (... 648 / 68).
4. Forest of the Holly Monastery Agios Georgios Karaiskakis, in Mouzaki - Karditsa
Foundation Presidential Decree 93 l 22-1-1974 (... 31 / 74)
Area 623 acres
Description Area with oaks and chestnut trees. Historical Monastery and the cave where Georgios Karaiskakis, hero of the revolution of the Hellenes against the Turks (1821) was born.
5. Pefkias Forest, Xylokastron - Prefecture of Corinthia
Foundation Presidential Decree 198 / 12-3-1974 (... 70 74)
Area 68 acres
Description Waterside pines' forest with a sspecial ecological, aesthetic, hygienic and tourist significance.
6. Forestal Area of the Univercity Campus of Patras
Foundation Presidential Decree 277 28-3-1974 (... 99 4)
Area 4,572 acres
Description Wooded areas above (SE) the Univercity Campus of Patras.
7. State Forest of Ioannina
Foundation Presidential Decree 837 / 6-11-1976 (... 306 / 76)
Area 214 acres
Description Hilly area, west of the city of Ioannina, which was reafforested with pine trees and various other forest plants.
8. Municipal Forest of Pharsala - Larissa
Foundation Presidential Decree 24-2-1977 (... 103 / 77)
Area 86 acres
Description Grove with pines and cypress trees, above (S) the city of Pharsala.
9. Forest at Steni - Evvoia Island
Foundation Presidential Decree 24-2-1977 (... 108 7)
Area 1,673 acres
Description Great forests with fir trees, chestnut trees, pines and various other forest plants on Mt. Dirfi. Excellent natural habitat.
10. Mt. Ossa Forestal Complex, Larissa
Foundation Presidential Decrees 5-5-1977 (...175 /77),  444/29-8-1985 (...160 /85 and 5 /86).
Area 41,760 acres
Description Great forests and forestal areas with fir, beech, chestnut, oak, lime trees and other forest plants on the Mountain Ossa (Kissavos).
11. Mogostos Forest, in Corinth Area
Foundation Presidential Decree 5-5-1977 (... 175 77)
Area 1,285 acres
Description Forestal area with pines, oak, and indeciduous (evergreen) flaggy trees, west of the villages Souli and Valtos, Prefecture of Corinthia.
12. Coast of Nicopolis Forest in Mytikas - Preveza
Foundation Presidential Decree 5-5-1977 (...183 /77)
Area 163 acres
Description Waterside forest with pines and eucalyptus.
13. Skiathos Island Forests
Foundation Presidential Decree 13-6-1977(...248 77)
Area 7,413 acres
Description All forestal areas on Skiathos Island, which are timbered with pines and indeciduous (evergreen) flaggy trees, as well as the Marvellous forest in Koukounaries Area.
14. Nestos River Straits, Xanthi - Kavala Area
Foundation Presidential Decree 11-7-1977(...283 /77)
Area 5,881 acres
Description Narrow strip of land, at the Nestos River valley, amidst the villages Toxotes (Xanthi area) and Paradisos (Kavala area), with impressive geomorphology, and rich flora and fauna.
15."National Independence" Forest, Kalavryta - Prefecture of Achaia
Foundation Presidential Decree 29-9-1977(...404 77)
Area 4,325 acres
Description Forestal area with fir trees and indeciduous (evergreen) flaggy trees, which surrounds the city of Kalavryta.
16. Tithorea Forest, Prefecture of Fthiotis
Foundation Presidential Decree 13-2-1979(...125 79)
Area 495 acres
Description Forestal area with omnifarious vegetation, above (S-SW-W) Tithorea village, stretching up to the cave, which was the hideout of Odysseas Androutsos, hero of the revolution of the Hellenes against the Turks (1821).
17. Forest at Amygdaleonas - Kavala
Foundation Presidential Decree 1-10-1979(...606 /79)
Area 6,959 acres
Description Reafforested area with pines and cypress trees, surrounding the city of Kavala.
18. Groves of Ailias and Kastro - Trikala
Foundation Presidential Decree 1-10-1979(...609 /79)
Area 70 acres
Description The hills of Prophet Elias (60 acres) and Kastro (10 acres) within the city of Trikala that where reafforested with pines and cypress trees.
19. Kouri Forest, Almyros - Prefecture of Magnisia
Foundation Presidential Decree 356/15-4-1980(...99 /80)
Area 248 acres
Description Forest of self-sown oaks amidst the villages Almiros, Krokion and Efxinoupolis.

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