"The mountain is difficult, it's not simple, I know how it is, but I also know that I can't do anything more than the mountain can bear. Mountains don;t stop either to Dhualagiri, or to Everest, we don't count them by altitudes, or by years, or anything, it's a life, which goes on - shall it stop?" - and he moves his head to a definite "no".

Those are the last words - and beliefs - of Babis Tsoupras, just the day he left, together with the Greek mission of EOS of Athens for Dhaulagiri, 2nd time in 5 months. When the Greek expedition by SEO of Athens ended tragically on the 1rst of May, "summit day", by the death of Nikos Papandreou.

The expedition, of Yiannis Katrivanos, leader, Panayiotis Kotronaros, Pavlos Tsiantos, Nikos Hadjis, and Babis, left August 24 for Dhaulagiri.
On October 2, Babis started alone, at 3 in the morning, from Base 3, at 7.550 m., and summited at 4 in the afternoon. He placed the Greek flag, for the first time ever, his dream of years. Upon returning, he got carried away and lost in a snow-storm. His friends lost sight of him. In the Greek rescue team also participated members of the Vask, Spanish and Italian expeditions; the avalanches though didn't allow them to even get close to the point, where they last saw Babis - not further than 7.900 m.
The Greek expedition is in the phase of descending from Base Camp to Katmandou, and will be home after 2 weeks. We will then know more on how, where, what happened.

All we know now is the that the Greek flag waves on top of Dhaulagiri mountain, placed by Babis Tsoupras, who now rests together with his friend.

The Greek group returned from Nepal on Wednesday, October 21.

Yiannis Katrivanos, leader of the mission, talked about a Pyrrhian victory - yes, the Greek flag waves on top of Dhaulagiri, but they returned one less...
Panayiotis Kotronaros, friend and co-hiker of Babis Tsoupras, said that they had an optical signal between them, to show they are OK. The last time that Panayiotis saw Babis, he had signaled with a smile.

Then, nothing can be said with certainty: the guys of the group think that Babis either had fallen asleep or taken by a snow avalanche.

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