The new conquest by Vaggelis Galanis  

See part of Galanis's attempt.

The Climbing instructor Vaggelis Galanis, 38, climbed on March 11, 2000, the cliff of The Holly Ghost, 300 m. high, in Meteora. The expedition lasted 32 hours and Galanis slept at night on a horizontal bed, hanging from the top pf the cliff.

"No conquer at all, I just climbed", he said. "I didn't get scared, it was windy, the bed was moving like a train, but it is not so bad sleeping up there" he went on.

The Greek Mountaineering Club of Kalambaka was watching all the time his attempt. "I'm not crazy, getting up there on my own, not me and not all then others, it's just the result of hard training", Galanis ended.

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