Elbrus: a new expedition

Alexei Tuyrin, our familiar Russian mountain guide, sent us his collection of photoes from a new Greek expedition, in August 2000, to the Elbrus peak, in Caucasus.

<< I am very glad to inform everybody about the next success of the Greek mountaineers on Elbrus! This year it was a small group, only four mountaineers from Thessaloniki:
  • Theodoros Kyrvangelis
  • Aris Chrisafis
  • Argyris Kozias ( you have publish the information about his previous success in Mexico)
  • Pavlos Terkenlis
Very friendly and fun relationship (as usual though) and very good weather let us to have ascent without any problems. August 1st in 11am Aris Chrisafis, Argyris Kozias and Pavlos Terkenlis were on the Western top of Elbrus (5642). We had a successful ascent to Gumachi top as training before and tried to have an ascent to Lacga top in another valley (Adir-Su valley). Don't think that your guys had no problems at all.

Maybe you heard about terrible mudflow that happened in Tirniaus town this year. It happened in exact the time of their visit and we have a lot of problems with traffic and some organization problems.

I hope we will see a lot of other Greek mountaineers in Russia again and in increased number. In any case I am ready to answer any questions and to give any advice about arrangement, equipment etc. of similar mountaineer expeditions in Russia. Please fill your free to get in touch with me at any time.

Alexey Tyurin, The Guide of the three last Greek expeditions to Elbrus.>>

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Pavlos on the top (photo from Pavlos)

Aris near Gumachi top

Cheget top

Elbrus saddle

Gumachi ridge

Near Garvash Pass

Pavlos & Argyris near the top

Aris & Alexey Tyurin

Way to bivuak near Ullutau

Way to Cheget top

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