Expedition to Elbrus, August 99

Alexei Tuyrin, our familiar Russian mountain guide, sent us his collection of photoes from a Greek expedition. It was the one of SEO Katerini, in August 1999, to the Elbrus peak, in Caucasus. Five members of group made it to the East Elbrus (5621) on 2 August 99:

1. Mamoris Vasilis
2. Tigas Kostas
3. Tigas Babis
4. Pigadas Giorgos
5. Asvestopoulos Grigoris

Our friend adds: "I have to lay stress on the terms of weather that day. The temperature on the top was -20C, fog (visibility near 15m-20m) and very strong wind. You can see it on the one of attached pictures. And I was amazed with spirit of Greek team again as much as I was surprised last year.

Congratulations with this success!"

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