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The SEO - Union of Greek Climbers is effecting an expedition to Caucasus from the 17th of July to the 1rst of August 1998. Members of other Greek mountaineering clubs are also participating. The ultimate target is the ascent to Mt. Elbrus, 5.642 m. Caucasus is an extended mountain volume covering a big part of Georgia and Russia. The peak Elbrus is the highest in Europe and is found in Russia. There are many other peaks higher than 5.000 m., all covered by snow all year long.

The ascent to Elbrus does not require climbing capabilities. The serious opponents are the altitude, the low temperature, which can get as low as -30 C at the top, as well as the bad weather even in the summer.

Due to the features of the mountain - medium height, relatively easy ascent, a good organisation (there is a refuge at 4.200 m. - Caucasus consists a very good chance and a challenge for young mountaineers, since they have the opportunity to get in touch with the high altitude and its difficulties, but also for experienced ones, who love the mountain and mountaineering.

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The members of the expedition


Panayiotis Vendistas, 37, Leader of the Expedition - Stavros Nikolaou, 43, President of SEO - Petros Semitakis, 62 - Thodoros Adamopoulos, 38 - Andonis Andonopoulos, 27 - Michalis Aretakis, 35


Panayiotis Avgerodimos, 29 - Maria Vlachaki, 42 - Yiannis Diamantopoulos, 31 - Vagelis Kainourgios, 38 - Popi Koni-Sykari, 33 - Eleni Koniari, 39


Dimitris Lieder, 29 - Giorgos Nikitaidis, 31 - Yiannis Pylouris, 35 - Savvas Stamatiou, 34 - Yiannis Tsaniklidis, 34

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