On climbing

By Aris Theodoropoulos

Rock climbing constitutes a unique demanding sport that is conducted mainly in the open and brings us in direct contact with nature. Climbing is a person's advancement on the face of the rock, using for that only the rocks superficies, that is it's occurent recesses and protrusions for our ascent. (Free Climbing).
Rock climbing is subsumed to the sports that offer intense thrills.To the so called "Adrenaline Sports". It just doesn't only take a couragious moment to dive off the airplane or from the Bantzee jumping crane. Rock climbing has complex demands. We need co-ordination of our mind with our body. Besides the sporting ability and suppleness, it takes equilibrium, dare and conception. Naturally, the more one attends to rock climbing, the more he "cultivates" the afore-mentioned abilities. If you were to ask various cliffsmen what is climbing to them, you would get odd answers.

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Demetris: "Rock climbing is a challenging game. It is what a child applies instictively to climb on a tree to pick fruits, or to get to the top of the cupboard to steal a candy".

Julia: "No matter what I say, rock climbing is wow! Adrenalin in the red. Intense respiration. Waging war to our fears. And at the peak, the ultimate rapture.

Paul: An extraordinary challenging and lonesome dance, on a perpendicular plane.

Simos: "To me, climbing is a way of life, an attitude. Confronted with hardness, I seek for the handhold, which is not visible but, surely it is there. Life contra the formidable, the seemingly impossible, in chase of the intensity, the unexpected. Climbing, the way we acquainted it through the climbing classes, was for me a catalytical experience".

Danae: "Rock climbing to me, is communication and reunion with nature".

Rock Climbing - a challenging game!

It is one of the most popular sectors of climbing. Lots of people are interested exclusively in it without any interest in mountains and their peaks. It has developed various particular sections, such as competitive climbing, athletic (sport) climbing, "Big Wall" climbing, "artificial" climbing, "adventure" climbing, solo climbing, solo climbing with out security gear, the bouldering, artificial wall climbing.

It is quite possible to contact some climber who will tell you that "I am not concerned with climbing, let alone with climbing on indoors artificial climbing walls". Climbing has so many distinct particular sections and this unilateral activity is not to be reprehensible. Each person, individually, is concerned with what he really likes, which fulfills him. Besides, only the ultimate specialization can define new ways and actually boost the limits of the human potentiality to higher spheres.


Security on a tough mountain and during climbing is your own personal concern.

Climbing is a sport which comprises many risks, especially so when you practice it without the requisite knowledge and experiance. Security in climbing is your own personal concern. Attending to the lessons of a climbing school is for you the advisable way to a safest approach to this "challenging game".

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