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    Your involvement

    Only the first day we received at least 30 e-mails from allover the world. We selected some and we share them with you:

    2. The Mountain portal, Everest News, has placed the piece of news and detailed coverage on 6.6.2001

    2. The big Encyclopaedia of Mountains Peakware has honoured us with an announcement at the first page of the site

    3. Our good friends of Aiani in Kozani shared our message with people in their mailing list

    4. Our friend Andrea Gennari Daneri from Italy, presented the subject on the first page of his site.

    5. Our friend Stewart M. Green from USA, sent us (to Aris Theodoropoulos) the following reply:

    Dear Aris,
    I hope you are doing well and enjoying the weather by getting out on the rocks. Hopefully you've been opening lots of new routes on Kalymnos! Thanks so much for the Meteora bulletin. Below is a letter I sent to the various people and organizations. I also passed it along to other climbers in America. I am trying to get some of my Greece photos scanned so I can send some over to you via email... Okay, take care my friend. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Give my best to Danae also.
    Best wishes,

    Dear Mr. Stefanos Patramanis,
    I am writing in regard to the possible closure of the cliffs and rocks at Meteora to rock climbing. Meteora is indeed one of the most magical and most historic places in all of Europe. The rock climbing there is also among the best and most unusual in Europe and it would be a terrible loss if there was any ban on climbing on Meteora's cliffs.

    Rock climbers from not only Greece but from around the world come to enjoy the superb climbing adventures found there as well as the area's unique beauty and history. Climbers are very respectful of Meteora's rich history and are also respectful of the current agreement prohibiting climbing on rocks below and near the existing monasteries. No further prohibition or laws regarding climbing is needed at Meteora.

    I am an American writer and photographer that is currently working on a select climbing guidebook to Europe for North Americans. Meteora is an important part of the book because it is one of Europe's best climbing areas. I spent a couple weeks there this past March and immensely enjoyed both the rock climbing as well as the area's beauty and history.

    I look forward to returning to Meteora to climb it's cliffs next year. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to a free Meteora.

    Best wishes,
    Stewart M. Green
    Colorado Springs, Colorado

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