Athos map photo chart

Mythology According to mythology, the name Athos originates from the name of some gigantic Thracean. During a clash between gods and giants, Athos trying to drop a gigantic roch against Poseidon he missed, the rock fell into the sea, thus creating that part of land, which is the area known as Agion Oros (Holly Mountain). Some other version states that it was Poseidon who dropped a rock against Athos, which crashed upon him burying him underneath.

Besides that, there is a version related to the cataclysm that Zeus (Father of all gods and humans, in the Hellenic mythology) dashed upon the sinful humans in order to punish them. In this version it is said that the boat of Defkalion, after the cataclysm beached on top of Athos (see Parnassos Mt.)

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