Meeting the Greek Mountains

olreilvaltein \o-ri-va-tin\ archaic [Gk oros mountain, Gk vato to step, to walk] : to walk on mountains, to summit mountains by walking - used in place of the modern greek noun oreivassia

Dear friends

The pages you are about to visit are the result of an effort to avail information on the Greek Mountains and the Greek Nature. These pages do not aim to a typical electronic means of information, but are, instead, a stimulus for the creation of a bigger interest in mountaineering expeditions.

On this basis, we tried to present those elements, that make the mountain a different entity; that make climbing not a proof that one is stronger than the mountain, but an opportunity to become one with the mountain, to feel the breaths and the steps of all those that were on your tracks som or a thousand years ago.

The mountain, in every corner of the world, has always been the site, that hosted the birth of Gods and Heroes. This remote and patient and silent giant has been always respected by mortals and has excited their imagination with the most weird, but also attractive stories.

An important part of History identified with the mountain is Greek Mythology. Since genesis till the deterioration of the Greek Spirit it maintained a critical position in everyday's life and in the ancient culture.

Therefore, a prime effort in the knowledge of the mountain is the knowledge of mythological elements, the adventures of Gods and Heroes that took place on the mountain. Next comes the information on typical mountain features, i.e. altitudes, tracks, maps, flora and fauna, etc.

It is understood that such an effort cannot be comlete since the start. It consists, though, a first step towards a stepwise completion.

It's our wish and hope that, through this material, people will come to love the mountain and mountain sports; least of all, it is a good opportunity for everyone to get information on the beauty of Greek Nature.

Last, we would like to thank friends mountaineers and Clubs that helped us start this effort. We would also like to add that we do not represent any Club.


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